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[ mood | loved ]

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[ mood | loved ]

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[August 09, 2008]


work in my dreeeam. x.x [November 11, 2006]

So last night, I dreamed that I was drawing on paper in between taking 911 calls. I look up and I didn't realize I'd gotten a call, and the lady had been screaming on the line for awhile. So I take the call, and it's an EMD call. I'm trying to ask the right questions in the right order, because of Pro QA, but the questions are so weird and I don't understand them -- and the woman isn't answering me, she's holding her daughter's head and crying.

So I get up to go look. I have no idea why I was taking a 911 call from a lady who was in my house. But I was, so I got up to investigate. I hear the paramedics outside, so I let them take care of it, and apparently the woman was a regular they knew who was always a hypochondriac when it came to her daughter.

I sit back down to work, and I take another call. When I hang up, I realize one of the paramedics has scribbled his own doodles all over the picture I was working on. I yell at him and start erasing things, and miss another 911 call because I wasn't paying attention.

In my dream, at this point, I wake up. I reach over for my laptop to write all of this down, and I realize it's not there.

I walk out of my bedroom to accuse my mother of hiding my laptop. (I don't live with my mother, and I've never seen this trailer before that I'm walking through in this dream -- I've never lived in a trailer.) She says she didn't take it, so I go accusing Roland.

Roland (my husband) had set up a wonderful dinner, bought my favorite kind of drinks, gone all out (I have no idea why, I just woke up so obviously it had to be morning). And all I could do was yell at him for hiding my laptop. I harassed him until he finally gave it to me, and he looked so disappointed.

x_X. Bleh. Not a good dream night.

Anyone else dream about work? What sort of weird changes happen to it in your dreams?

Irrational fear of... forks? [November 08, 2006]

When I was a young child and I saw the Little Mermaid for the first time, there was a scene where Ariel found a fork. She asked the seagull what it was for, and he said it was for brushing her hair.

I was thinking, Please don't brush your hair! Please don't! I was terrified of her using a fork for a brush and I couldn't watch that scene.

Why, you ask? Because I had an image of her accidentally stabbing her head with the fork with blood squirting out of the wound.


back! [November 07, 2006]

[ mood | calm ]

I took a very long hiatus from this community, mainly because I got lost in other things I had to do. But I'm back, and hopefully we can get this place active again.

So! Here are a few things that have changed.

+ Read the new info page. Membership is open, unless we have any problems arise, which I can't forsee at the moment.

+ I'll be changing the layout soon, I'm not sure to what yet. Also, if anyone's interested in helping moderate this place, let me know.

+ Artwork, pictures and poetry shall now also be accepted, as long as they pertain to dreams.


If you still read this community, thanks for sticking around. I know it's been awhile. ^_^


And without further ado, the topic for this week (or month, or however long it takes me until I get a new topic) is irrational fear.

I'm not talking about the random paranoia you have every day. This is for things that go bump in the night -- maybe it started from a dream, maybe it just stems from a childhood experience. Whatever the case, share it with us: What are you afraid of that makes absolutely no sense, when you think about it logically? How did it start, or do you remember? What does it make you do / not do?

Don't comment to this with your story! Make a new post and share it.


Analyze this! [September 11, 2006]

[ mood | hungry ]

7:57 PM 9/10/06 · Since I've been on livejournal I've been a member of 1 little dream analysis community but I recently found another one; vaguely tempted to make one now that I think about it. I like them because they're kinda cozy and it seems a nice thing to read every so often.

That and it'd be nice to think that someone could tell me what mine mean.

Nice but unlikely.

Most of my experiences on the Dreamscape are really fucked up...pardon my French.

Before I get into this, a couple things: my parents separated, and eventually divorced roundabout between when I was 14 - till about my mid 20's; I'm 35 now. That just seemed kinda relevant.

Having little to do most of this past weekend, I spent a lot of it asleep. It's an oddity to my occasional bouts with insomnia but I can normally goto sleep just about anytime I want. Having next to no life helps. There were a whole slew of dreams overall but it was the Sunday between 2p and 7:35p that stuck with me.

It kinda started with pirates. There were several initially but it eventually came down to just the two on this sinking yet not entirely sunken vessel. There was also an alligator making the rounds, which may seem strange as they're not common to oceanic situations but it's been known to happen; I remember at the time, seeing it swim by, that it seemed funny to see one in the ocean. I've no idea if we were close to shore or way out but even though the ship was with the deck mostly sumerged that the water wasn't taking us in.

Excepting on the pirates, one was a bit more sunk than the other though it seemed we were all standing on the same level. I was thinking that the water took them in only so far as well they were doing, the deeper sunk not doing as well as the other. Both pirates had the usual levels of piratey accoutraments but there was something rather distinct about them...

...they both looked like my Dad.

I rather think that all the pirates, starting out, did too but it finally came down to these. The last two were the toughest, one a scoundrel and the other rather nicely humored. Weapons drawn but they weren't doing anything but exchanging words...don't recall what. Their words were the assaults tey were launching back and forth and I somehow got it into my head that my approval or disproval of the content of that character was what was determining the victor.

Eventually the scoundrel went under, presumedly to the reptiles' snack menu, and the one with the good humor turned to me and I woke up. I was in a boat, headed to the shore where my parents, Sister, and I were vacationing. While I'm pretty sure I didn't do what he did, the pirate walked up and merged with Dad and then settled in nicely.

It's not unusual for me to have dreams within dreams.

There bits more, though the family has vacationed in Barbados this looked more like Hawaii where we haven't all been. Least not together. There was seemingly more conversation between the pirate and I, not through Dad but I could hear and chat with him all the same. Bits about settling into this new life and some things concerning Mom. It was all very polite and nice.

It was my cellphone's little warning sound for being low on power that woke me up for real. I lay there and tossed it around in my head for a bit but couldn't for the life of me figure out where that had come from. Which isn't unusual...this was one of my saner dreams.

Dream Group [August 28, 2006]

I've been having a lot of strong & odd dreams lately.

death of gemini. [August 09, 2006]

[ mood | cold ]

Has anyone psychically inclined [or even anyone with usually-weird dreams >>] seen this?

My mom saw a twin-girl (gemini) being run over by a car that my brother (capricorn) was driving. I saw both the girl and boy bound together and packed in an ice-crate like fish (pisces? or aquarius?).

The only thing I can correlate is 'death of gemini'. Did a google search and came up with this:

But don't know if that's even remotely close to what it's trying to say.


water, owls, Athena [July 03, 2006]

Had this dream this morning. (In my dream, I was standing on the edge of a large body of water...) Any comments are appreciated.
Thank you.

rattlesnakes [April 28, 2006]

I had these disturbing dreams last night: rattlesnakes
I'd be interested in any comments. Thank you.

[January 04, 2006]

I'm promoting my community. Sorry if this isn't allowed in here, but I need to. http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=itsonlypoison
Read the rules if youre thinking about joining. Theyre good rules.

[December 07, 2005]

interesting thing going on here. im new. names "drake". wondering if anyone minds that i share my dreams.

if not ill leave. but heres one jic.

last night (actually early this morning) i was reading my shannara books and i dozed off.
i had this strange dream. kind of scared me actually. i woke up crying. here goes...

i was walking down a road filled with people and i noticed that no one had a face. except two people.
i decided to follow them. i felt like i was being pulled away from them but i fought against this force.
they kept looking back at me and pointing. then they slowed to a stop. only one of them spoke to me, but i was all nonsense. although in the dream i remember understanding somewhat. they motioned for me to follow and i did so. it started to get really dark and quiet. all of a sudden there was no one on the street but the two phantomish people. we were at some kind of school. cars were pulling out of the driveway as well as entering. but no one was driving any of them. i felt like i shouldnt be there, so i turned and started to run the other way. i slowed down in front of a large apartment complex, like you see in new york city.
it felt evil. but i heard a cry for help, or something i dont know what it was exactly. but it made me go in. then all of a sudden i was holding a gun. not a handgun, it was more like ak-47 or m-16ish. i wasnt scared anymore. i started walking around inside searching for something when i came upon a young girl.
she was crying hysterically and started insisting that i leave. i turned around and started heading back the way i came. i couldnt find where i was going and suddenly i was on another floor of said building. i started to run to the stairs. something big was following me.i couldnt look at it directly. when i tried i felt like my neck was going to break. but the thing was a huge black blur. i ran and ran and saw a window ahead of me. i reached it and found myself on the top floor, some 200 feet from the ground. and the building was built on a slope. i stood back and crashed through the window. i was falling but i felt ok about it. i wasnt falling anymore but instead i was stanninding at the bottom of the slope of the building
on some railroad tracks. i pointed the gun at the window i came from and i saw the thing. i blacked out and then i woke up with several people around me. they looked like they were from the army, all camo'd up and scared looking. they said we have to run. then they started to explode one at a time, blood flying everywhere. i ran and ran and ran. and there were the two people from earlier. i was back at the school thing. they were laughing at me. then they started to change. they turned into the thing. but only one.

thats all i remember. but its a reacurring dream. its the eleventh time ive had it this month.
can someone help me?


auction to benefit pet rescue [September 02, 2005]

Magickal, Mythical, Mystical Beasts and How To Invite Them Into Your Life by DJ Conway

[March 30, 2005]

[ dream ]

I was in Italy somewhere. It almost felt like Rome with it's steamy streets and pathways full of train tracks and pot holes. Everything was dark, I was visiting a small cafe that I apparently visited every day and had become a regular to. Upon entering, there is always a woman. Young in age, but old, old in looks-- something she tries to hide with bright make-up. She always knows me when I come by. She sells soap one day, works in the cafe the next, whispering about underhanded deals to strangers in the area the day after that. Sort of a Jill-of-all-Trades.

One evening, a boy from my past comes in. My little sister is smitten and giggles (The Muppets enter the dream at some point here, but I can't for the life of me remember what they were doing or if they were even in the cafe). The boy is someone I went to school with, but I can't remember who and within what feels like a minute or two, he becomes a regular as well. He was a child when I knew him, now he's closer to a man. I was less inviting toward him than my sister was and ignored him most of the time. I'm mean.

There is also a little girl who comes in with her family a lot. She has a small dog. Jill-of-all-Trades puts me in charge of keeping the dog busy, so I lay down with her to keep her quiet while the little girl sleeps somewhere.

I think this is when I woke.


[January 01, 2005]

Hey. I'm new. umm....I don't really have anything to write at the moment. I haven't really been remembering my dreams recently. I haven't done my dream diary in ages and I haven't been saying my strange dream remembering phrase, but I thought I should at least introduce myself before telling you some of the oddities of my dream world. Anyway, I'm Bonnie and this site looks awesome and I hope I'll have something better to post next time. For now, what tips do ya'll have on remembering your dreams besides saying "I will remember my dreams", before you go to sleep, and keeping a dream diary. I'm stuck, and am having trouble. I really want to channel the help my subconscious is giving me in my sleep, but I just can't remember my dreams.


An old dream with symbols that tie together... [December 26, 2004]

[ mood | lazy ]

Hi, I'm new. I'm Courtney...and I'm not good with introductions so I'll skip that I guess?

I had this dream November 29 this year, wrote down in my dream journal and I just go time to go through it and look through the interpretations of the symbols that I highlighted and noted. Once printing these symbols out, I realized that most of these tied together, and I'm not one for interpreting very well. The extent of the "interpreting" I do is just doing what I've said before; I print the meanings of the symbols I can find on DreamMoods.com and keeping them with the dream in my dream journal.

This is the dream itself and I would like to get someone else's opinion of it:

I was found in my house with Jarryd (a good friend of mine who I'm in love with and currently, we're "in between" a friendship and relationship), but my house seemed different. The rooms were shaped differently and the condition and furniture were different too (not a bad condition...just different somehow). The couch was like my best friend's couch, Victorian like, with the same floral print like the furniture that was in one of my old homes when I was younger. The couch had it's back to the window in the living room. On the couch, Jarryd held/cuddled me and we were both lying on the couch facing each other. The living room was facing the kitchen which reminded me of my old townhouse kitchen. The couch also faced a television that was turned on.

Later on, I was somehow found in the bathroom which looked similar to my other best friend's bathroom before she moved to Montana (but this is the same house I'm talking about). The bathtub was turquoise blue (my friend's old fridge in Montana was turquoise) and I'm filling it up with hot water. While I was doing so, Jarryd walked in. I then bound down the stairs which were the same as the staircase in my house now (the only thing that wasn't different from my house).

I hope this isn't confusing. I was hoping I could get some more insight of it.


[September 29, 2004]

Hi. I'm new. Everyone calls me darkstorm. I'm a 21 year old female. And I'm always having dreams. Always. And I never understand what they mean. I had this dream the other night that is eating at me. Can anyone tell me what it means?
I had a dream that I’m so confused about. In it my best friend Jesse was coming to see me from Minnesota. Which is true. He arrived at the bus station. I picked him up. He looked the same, only he had dyed his hair black and had put back in his old piercings. The next day my best friend Josh, a marine in Iraq in real life, came home after a year of being gone. I couldn’t help but run out and throw my arms around him. Which I hadn’t done with Jesse, because Jesse had been high on something and couldn’t hold still. They tolerated each other. Even tried to BBQ together, but Jesse didn’t know how. In real life he’s a great cook. In the dream, I tried to spend time with Jesse, because he was leaving sooner. I never saw him go. He just disappeared from the dream. The next day Josh was shipped back to Iraq. I begged him not to go, because that same day a member of his platoon thingy committed suicide. But he went. He drove off in a tank. I was on my knees in the road behind him. Crying. In the tank they were talking about their lovers. Josh said my name and brought out a picture of me, but I couldn’t see the picture. It was black. Then I woke up. Someone please tell me what it means. Jesse will be here in 4 days and I haven't heard form Josh in a month or so now. Help..


Fire in the hole... [July 07, 2004]

[ mood | bitchy ]

Been awhile since I've dreamt of something I could remember.

Okay, so I'm in a building. It is on fire, and the place rotates, like it is rolling, and a multi-room and floor square building, you can imagine that will be quite a mess. I am in this black jumpsuit and I am basically avoiding fire and debris while climbing up the rotating wall before I fall. I climb to a point when the rotating stops and it is just one long drop through a stairwell. At the bottom is a large window. I go for it. I was in mid jump when I realized that if the window was on the floor, then so was the ground, and therefore, so would I be, but when I hit it, I went right through. I feel another ten feet and landed in the middle of no where. I look up an the building is floating there. It eventually starts to spin again. I run from it. I come to a fence line. actually, I was in the fenced area, this was the one opening out. I walk through, and on the other side is an enclosed high school dance. No one I know or knew were there, didn't recognize the school either. I hid under a table and watched for a while. That is all I can really remember of it. Probably woke up or something. At least the rose wasn't in it...


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