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Fire in the hole...

Been awhile since I've dreamt of something I could remember.

Okay, so I'm in a building. It is on fire, and the place rotates, like it is rolling, and a multi-room and floor square building, you can imagine that will be quite a mess. I am in this black jumpsuit and I am basically avoiding fire and debris while climbing up the rotating wall before I fall. I climb to a point when the rotating stops and it is just one long drop through a stairwell. At the bottom is a large window. I go for it. I was in mid jump when I realized that if the window was on the floor, then so was the ground, and therefore, so would I be, but when I hit it, I went right through. I feel another ten feet and landed in the middle of no where. I look up an the building is floating there. It eventually starts to spin again. I run from it. I come to a fence line. actually, I was in the fenced area, this was the one opening out. I walk through, and on the other side is an enclosed high school dance. No one I know or knew were there, didn't recognize the school either. I hid under a table and watched for a while. That is all I can really remember of it. Probably woke up or something. At least the rose wasn't in it...
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