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An old dream with symbols that tie together...

Hi, I'm new. I'm Courtney...and I'm not good with introductions so I'll skip that I guess?

I had this dream November 29 this year, wrote down in my dream journal and I just go time to go through it and look through the interpretations of the symbols that I highlighted and noted. Once printing these symbols out, I realized that most of these tied together, and I'm not one for interpreting very well. The extent of the "interpreting" I do is just doing what I've said before; I print the meanings of the symbols I can find on and keeping them with the dream in my dream journal.

This is the dream itself and I would like to get someone else's opinion of it:

I was found in my house with Jarryd (a good friend of mine who I'm in love with and currently, we're "in between" a friendship and relationship), but my house seemed different. The rooms were shaped differently and the condition and furniture were different too (not a bad condition...just different somehow). The couch was like my best friend's couch, Victorian like, with the same floral print like the furniture that was in one of my old homes when I was younger. The couch had it's back to the window in the living room. On the couch, Jarryd held/cuddled me and we were both lying on the couch facing each other. The living room was facing the kitchen which reminded me of my old townhouse kitchen. The couch also faced a television that was turned on.

Later on, I was somehow found in the bathroom which looked similar to my other best friend's bathroom before she moved to Montana (but this is the same house I'm talking about). The bathtub was turquoise blue (my friend's old fridge in Montana was turquoise) and I'm filling it up with hot water. While I was doing so, Jarryd walked in. I then bound down the stairs which were the same as the staircase in my house now (the only thing that wasn't different from my house).

I hope this isn't confusing. I was hoping I could get some more insight of it.

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