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work in my dreeeam. x.x

So last night, I dreamed that I was drawing on paper in between taking 911 calls. I look up and I didn't realize I'd gotten a call, and the lady had been screaming on the line for awhile. So I take the call, and it's an EMD call. I'm trying to ask the right questions in the right order, because of Pro QA, but the questions are so weird and I don't understand them -- and the woman isn't answering me, she's holding her daughter's head and crying.

So I get up to go look. I have no idea why I was taking a 911 call from a lady who was in my house. But I was, so I got up to investigate. I hear the paramedics outside, so I let them take care of it, and apparently the woman was a regular they knew who was always a hypochondriac when it came to her daughter.

I sit back down to work, and I take another call. When I hang up, I realize one of the paramedics has scribbled his own doodles all over the picture I was working on. I yell at him and start erasing things, and miss another 911 call because I wasn't paying attention.

In my dream, at this point, I wake up. I reach over for my laptop to write all of this down, and I realize it's not there.

I walk out of my bedroom to accuse my mother of hiding my laptop. (I don't live with my mother, and I've never seen this trailer before that I'm walking through in this dream -- I've never lived in a trailer.) She says she didn't take it, so I go accusing Roland.

Roland (my husband) had set up a wonderful dinner, bought my favorite kind of drinks, gone all out (I have no idea why, I just woke up so obviously it had to be morning). And all I could do was yell at him for hiding my laptop. I harassed him until he finally gave it to me, and he looked so disappointed.

x_X. Bleh. Not a good dream night.

Anyone else dream about work? What sort of weird changes happen to it in your dreams?
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