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Fire in the hole...

Been awhile since I've dreamt of something I could remember.

Okay, so I'm in a building. It is on fire, and the place rotates, like it is rolling, and a multi-room and floor square building, you can imagine that will be quite a mess. I am in this black jumpsuit and I am basically avoiding fire and debris while climbing up the rotating wall before I fall. I climb to a point when the rotating stops and it is just one long drop through a stairwell. At the bottom is a large window. I go for it. I was in mid jump when I realized that if the window was on the floor, then so was the ground, and therefore, so would I be, but when I hit it, I went right through. I feel another ten feet and landed in the middle of no where. I look up an the building is floating there. It eventually starts to spin again. I run from it. I come to a fence line. actually, I was in the fenced area, this was the one opening out. I walk through, and on the other side is an enclosed high school dance. No one I know or knew were there, didn't recognize the school either. I hid under a table and watched for a while. That is all I can really remember of it. Probably woke up or something. At least the rose wasn't in it...
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The building resresents your body, you have a burning feelings of anger or frustrations. You wearing black could mean that you have hidden or unconsicious feelings or sexuality tward someone or something. We climb to get away. A window is just the way we look at things, in your case you saw a big window and fell through it. so maybe you have or have had big things happen in your life but they always seem to crash or just never really work out. A fence would be a barier that might prevent you from being daring and expressing yourself creativly. i could be wrong... im really into interpreting dreams and found your livejournal, i hope you dont mind. ~sarah
Don't mind at all. Actually, now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense. My life is a revolving building. On one side, I am happy and content, and then it spins out of control and I am (like now) in a bad place. The careeer I've always wanted is extremely creative in nature, however, it involves public speaking and I have horrible stage fright. This is pretty close. If you are bored, you can jump back about two and a half years and try to give me some insight as to what the hell was wrong with me then...?