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Hi. I'm new. Everyone calls me darkstorm. I'm a 21 year old female. And I'm always having dreams. Always. And I never understand what they mean. I had this dream the other night that is eating at me. Can anyone tell me what it means?
I had a dream that I’m so confused about. In it my best friend Jesse was coming to see me from Minnesota. Which is true. He arrived at the bus station. I picked him up. He looked the same, only he had dyed his hair black and had put back in his old piercings. The next day my best friend Josh, a marine in Iraq in real life, came home after a year of being gone. I couldn’t help but run out and throw my arms around him. Which I hadn’t done with Jesse, because Jesse had been high on something and couldn’t hold still. They tolerated each other. Even tried to BBQ together, but Jesse didn’t know how. In real life he’s a great cook. In the dream, I tried to spend time with Jesse, because he was leaving sooner. I never saw him go. He just disappeared from the dream. The next day Josh was shipped back to Iraq. I begged him not to go, because that same day a member of his platoon thingy committed suicide. But he went. He drove off in a tank. I was on my knees in the road behind him. Crying. In the tank they were talking about their lovers. Josh said my name and brought out a picture of me, but I couldn’t see the picture. It was black. Then I woke up. Someone please tell me what it means. Jesse will be here in 4 days and I haven't heard form Josh in a month or so now. Help..
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