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interesting thing going on here. im new. names "drake". wondering if anyone minds that i share my dreams.

if not ill leave. but heres one jic.

last night (actually early this morning) i was reading my shannara books and i dozed off.
i had this strange dream. kind of scared me actually. i woke up crying. here goes...

i was walking down a road filled with people and i noticed that no one had a face. except two people.
i decided to follow them. i felt like i was being pulled away from them but i fought against this force.
they kept looking back at me and pointing. then they slowed to a stop. only one of them spoke to me, but i was all nonsense. although in the dream i remember understanding somewhat. they motioned for me to follow and i did so. it started to get really dark and quiet. all of a sudden there was no one on the street but the two phantomish people. we were at some kind of school. cars were pulling out of the driveway as well as entering. but no one was driving any of them. i felt like i shouldnt be there, so i turned and started to run the other way. i slowed down in front of a large apartment complex, like you see in new york city.
it felt evil. but i heard a cry for help, or something i dont know what it was exactly. but it made me go in. then all of a sudden i was holding a gun. not a handgun, it was more like ak-47 or m-16ish. i wasnt scared anymore. i started walking around inside searching for something when i came upon a young girl.
she was crying hysterically and started insisting that i leave. i turned around and started heading back the way i came. i couldnt find where i was going and suddenly i was on another floor of said building. i started to run to the stairs. something big was following me.i couldnt look at it directly. when i tried i felt like my neck was going to break. but the thing was a huge black blur. i ran and ran and saw a window ahead of me. i reached it and found myself on the top floor, some 200 feet from the ground. and the building was built on a slope. i stood back and crashed through the window. i was falling but i felt ok about it. i wasnt falling anymore but instead i was stanninding at the bottom of the slope of the building
on some railroad tracks. i pointed the gun at the window i came from and i saw the thing. i blacked out and then i woke up with several people around me. they looked like they were from the army, all camo'd up and scared looking. they said we have to run. then they started to explode one at a time, blood flying everywhere. i ran and ran and ran. and there were the two people from earlier. i was back at the school thing. they were laughing at me. then they started to change. they turned into the thing. but only one.

thats all i remember. but its a reacurring dream. its the eleventh time ive had it this month.
can someone help me?
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