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I took a very long hiatus from this community, mainly because I got lost in other things I had to do. But I'm back, and hopefully we can get this place active again.

So! Here are a few things that have changed.

+ Read the new info page. Membership is open, unless we have any problems arise, which I can't forsee at the moment.

+ I'll be changing the layout soon, I'm not sure to what yet. Also, if anyone's interested in helping moderate this place, let me know.

+ Artwork, pictures and poetry shall now also be accepted, as long as they pertain to dreams.


If you still read this community, thanks for sticking around. I know it's been awhile. ^_^


And without further ado, the topic for this week (or month, or however long it takes me until I get a new topic) is irrational fear.

I'm not talking about the random paranoia you have every day. This is for things that go bump in the night -- maybe it started from a dream, maybe it just stems from a childhood experience. Whatever the case, share it with us: What are you afraid of that makes absolutely no sense, when you think about it logically? How did it start, or do you remember? What does it make you do / not do?

Don't comment to this with your story! Make a new post and share it.
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