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Things you can post:

your own dreams, your friends dreams, old dreams, new dreams, recurring dreams, disturbing dreams, stories involving dreams, symbolism in dreams, questions about symbolism, questions about anything involving dreams, astral travel experiences, questions about astral travel, your life (pertaining to dreams you've had), superstitions, fears (irrational, imagined or real), pictures, drawings or poems about dreams.

When to use an LJ-cut:

For any dream (or real-life story) pertaining to sexual experience, erotica, or gory or disturbing images; and for any drawings or pictures you post that are bigger than 150 x 150 pixels.

LJ-cuts: Please specify why you're using an LJ-cut.
Example: <lj-cut text="cut for large picture">

Whether you're asking or giving advice, or simply sharing a dream-/life- story, please be courteous. If you have a problem with another member, take it to a moderator.

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